Discover the "night reset" effect*MAGNIFICENCE NIGHT

The 1st triple-detox anti-wrinkle skincare* with a "night reset" effect for a more beautiful and more even skin in the morning.

* of LIERAC Laboratories

For my skin, every night
is a new day.

Detoxifying smoothing gel-in-balm

Anti-wrinkle detox for beautiful skin Magnificence night Anti-wrinkle detox for beautiful skin

Detoxifying smoothing gel-in-balm
  • Detoxifies, smoothes and refreshes facial contours
  • Reduces wrinkles and firms the skin
  • Evens out skin tone for a fresh new complexion

Innovation "night reset" effect* 2 key stages to combat glycoxidation:

Cell detoxification + d-glyox complexe

D-glyox complexe Patent pending Combined with hyaluronic acid

Sleeping detox concentrate

* night reset effect

An active texture "sleeping Cream"

  • Fresh like a gel and effective like a mask, it forms an invisible film that recreates a mesh to diffuse the active ingredients throughout the night
  • Immediate « beautiful skin » effect
  • Subtle fragrance with soothing notes of passion flower, the barks of precious trees, and frangipani tree

Proven effectiveness Magnificence night acts while you sleep.

76% of women have a healthier-looking complexion 89% of women have smoother skin 89% of women have a more even skin and complexion
89% of women have detoxified skin 81% of women report reduced wrinkles 89% of women have firmer skin
* self-evaluation - 55 women / percentage of volunteers who noticed the effect.

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