Understand your skin

True or false: better understanding your body’s skin

Figuring out what your body’s skin needs can sometimes be tricky.

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1. There is no difference between the skin on your face and your body

The skin on your face and body may have lots in common, but there are numerous things that make them different from one another.
First off, the thickness of the hypodermis varies throughout the body, which has a direct effect on the challenges it faces: skin is thinnest on the face, specifically around the eyes, and thicker on the buttocks, thighs and abdomen.
Another thing that makes the skin on your face different from the skin on your body is… stretch marks. Although they are mainly caused by certain hormones, stretch marks can also be the result of your skin being stretched. Obviously, the skin on your face could never possibly be stretched out enough to create stretch marks, simply because its bone structure prevents it from doing so.

2. It’s easy to tell if the skin on your body is healthy

Discomfort is the best indicator that your body’s skin is not healthy. Pulling, itching and flaking are all signs that your hydrolipidic film is not doing its job and your skin is having a hard time staying hydrated!

3. Your body’s skin has very specific needs

Like your face, your body needs hydration, occasionally lacks nutrition and, most certainly, requires a good weekly exfoliation.
Slackening and lack of density are also issues that can affect both your body and your face. The main difference is that, while it only occurs to a limited extent on your face, the issue can be much more extreme on the body.

4. Proper exfoliation requires scrubbing

When it comes to exfoliation, be sure to respect the following criteria: your exfoliant should ideally have ingredients required for chemical exfoliation or mechanical exfoliation, or a combination of the two.
Ingredients used for chemical exfoliation dissolve the glue that keeps dead skin cells stuck together on the surface of skin. The process gently removes skin cells without necessarily having to physically scrub them off.
Chemical exfoliation is a great option for those with sensitive skin and is the perfect solution to avoid the redness caused by mechanical exfoliation.
The ideal combination is a chemical exfoliant that also has gentle exfoliating particles. At the same time, make sure you go easy! There’s no need for intense scrubbing—gentle action is also best for your skin.
With all of this in mind, Lierac Paris Laboratories created the BODY-HYDRA+ MICROPEELING SCRUB. Put your trust in this wonderful skincare product to meet all of the right criteria!

5. The body’s skin needs nutrition and hydration

Most skin needs a good daily dose of moisture to stay hydrated and healthy. As such, not only should your chosen skincare product provide your skin with the moisture it needs, it should ideally help your skin properly manage this hydration by capturing moisture, preserving it and ensuring that it is well distributed throughout the skin’s layers. In short, all skin needs hydration.
For your skin’s hydration needs, we suggest our BODY-HYDRA+ Plumping Milk!
Where nutrition is concerned, what the skin needs is oil. And, unlike facial skin, which easily falls into different categories depending on the amount of oil it needs, things are not as clear cut when it comes to the skin on your body.
Everyone’s needs are vastly different. Certain people have skin that constantly needs oil. In other cases, the need is occasional—for instance, after a day in the sun or, in the winter, when skin is subjected to significant temperature changes between the outdoors and indoors.
Symptoms such as tingling, itching, flaking, redness and discomfort make it obvious that your skin is lacking nutrition.
When this happens, nourish your skin as quickly as possible using the BODY-NUTRI+ Anti-Dryness Body Lotion!

As you can see, your skin is telling you exactly what it needs—it’s time to listen!  
Understand your skin

Understand your skin

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