The 6 environmental factors that impact the quality of your skin

The environment has a significant impact on skin aging.


The way our skin ages has a lot to do with genetics and how well we care for our skin. At the same time, how much—or how fast—this aging occurs is also affected by a variety of environmental factors, which all contribute to toxin aging. Lierac Paris Laboratories has therefore created a line of products capable of fighting the negative effects of these environmental factors: Supra Radiance. Let’s review six of the most common environmental factors and provide you with appropriate skincare solutions for each of them.

How does toxin aging occur?

Skin is composed of different proteins that help keep it functioning properly. Unfortunately, certain environmental factors can transform these proteins into toxins. When this happens, the skin finds itself with fewer functional cells and more toxins. This is when toxin aging sets in and skin begins to suffer from more wrinkles, loss of firmness, and, above all, loss of radiance. To make matters worse, different environmental factors also lead to different skin issues.

1. Diet

Toxin aging occurs mainly as a result of the combination of oxidation and glycation (binding of glucose to protein). This is referred to as glycoxidation.
Certain foods in our diet amplify this phenomenon, specifically because they are already oxidized. For example toasted bread, barbecued steak, smoked foods… Some fats—such as animal fats, sunflower oil, or palm oil—also oxidize rather quickly. Glycation, for its part, is made worse by foods with high sugar content. Take, for example, the sweet sauce you pour over your barbecued steak!
The fact is that skin fibres don’t function as well when they are glycoxidized. More effort is required for healing and blood microcirculation. As a result, the skin is insufficiently oxygenated and the complexion becomes dull.
The Lierac Paris solution: The Supra Radiance line was designed to fight glycoxidation. The five skincare products in this line contain White Horehound—a plant that creates a barrier for the skin and effectively prevents glycoxidation.

2. Stress

Stress, which increases the amount of sugar in your blood, is also harmful to your skin because of glycoxidation.
Picture this: You are being threatened by a mammoth. In response, your body produces the energy it needs to fight by producing more sugar in your blood. Once the threat is gone (in other words, the mammoth runs away!), your sugar level quickly returns to normal without having any effect on your skin. When it comes to dealing with stress, this is the ideal situation.
Unfortunately, for most of us, stress is not a temporary occurrence, but rather a chronic condition. As a result, high blood sugar also becomes chronic and leaves increasingly visible damage on our skin. The more stress we experience, the less toned our skin is and the more our features become drawn. The eye contour area also experiences more rapid aging as a result.
The Lierac Paris solution: To effectively fight oxidative stress, Supra Radiance Cream, Cream-Gel, and Eye Radiance Serum all contain an ingredient called Pagoda Tree, renowned for its antioxidant power.

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3. Smoking

Nothing accelerates toxin aging more quickly than consuming toxins directly. Although numbers vary slightly depending on the source, a single cigarette is said to contain an average of 4,000 different toxic products, 50 or so of which are considered carcinogens. Needless to say, these toxic ingredients significantly disrupt overall cell functioning.

In addition to the harmful effects it has on the skin as a result of toxin aging, tobacco use also interferes with the skin’s ability to retain moisture and nutrients. In addition to all of this, smoking accelerates the formation of different types of wrinkles, including expression lines and wrinkles related to skin sagging.
The Lierac Paris solution: Supra Radiance Cream, which contains Marula Oil, is ideal for countering the dryness that results from smoking.

4. UV rays

It’s a well-known fact that UV rays are powerful skin aging accelerators.
In addition to the oxidizing effect they have on the skin, UV rays increase and disrupt skin pigment production, resulting in uneven skin tone and age spots.
Signs of aging that are already present on the skin are further amplified by exposure to UV rays. Not only do they have an obvious effect on dark spots, but UV rays are also unmistakable aggressors. They are particularly harmful to oily skin since they cause an overproduction of sebum which ultimately leaves skin increasingly oily and shiny.
The Lierac Paris solution: When UV rays intensify sebum production, Supra Radiance Cream-Gel is a must-have. In addition to acting as an antioxidant barrier, this fabulous skincare product also contains rice powder to absorb sebum without dehydrating the skin. The result is a beautiful skin that is both hydrated and mattified!

5. Sleep

Skin behaves differently and has different needs during the day and at night. While skin requires added protection in the daytime, it is focused on repair, cell regeneration, and elimination of accumulated toxins at night. Lack of sleep, therefore, has serious consequences since it interferes with this process.
Without enough sleep, the skin cannot properly eliminate toxins and begins to look dull and grey over time. This occurs when dead skin cells are not adequately eliminated, making it difficult for the skin to reflect light.
The Lierac Paris solution: Supra Radiance Renewing Night Cream contains an ingredient called Silk Tree, which promotes cell detoxification. So, if you’re lacking sleep, this cream will give your skin an extra detoxifying boost.

6. Pollution

Over the last several years, pollution has had an increasingly detrimental effect on the skin. In addition to living in an environment where pollution is seemingly just getting worse, we are also exposed to pollution particles that are much smaller than they once were and can therefore more easily penetrate our skin’s pores.
One of the many harmful effects of pollution is slower cell renewal. And, when skin cells cannot renew as quickly, wrinkles and imperfections form more rapidly and skin tone becomes dull.
The Lierac Paris solution: The Supra Radiance Double Peeling Radiance Mask, which uses both mechanical and chemical exfoliating action. A combination of different acids handles the chemical exfoliation by eliminating dead skin cells and toxins, while volcanic rock micro-crystals refine skin texture for smooth, glowing skin!

And there you have it. Not only do you know all about the environmental factors that are harmful to your skin, but you also now know what to do about them!
Understand your skin

Understand your skin

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