Mother’s Day: Skincare gift ideas

Out of ideas for Mother’s Day gifts? We’ve got a few great ideas to help you!

Mother's Day is an opportunity to celebrate every mom around you: first of all, your own mom, but also moms-to-be, or even your friends who are new moms! If you don't know what to give her, we have some gift ideas ready for you…
Indeed, why not offer beautiful skin this year? We guarantee it, moms need effective care, but also - and especially - a moment dedicated to themselves in their day. The last little detail is to know which care to give her. We’re here to help.

For a young mom: HYDRAGENIST

Even If the mother’s skin has yet to show any signs of aging (lucky her!), it still needs hydration and oxygenation to stay fresh, plump and radiant.
With the HYDRAGENIST Collection, she’ll immediately see incredible results.
Don’t know which particular product to choose?
An absolute must-have is the HYDRAGENIST Serum, perfect for her morning and evening routine. Thanks to its Hydra O2 complex (15%), this AHA-enriched serum gives skin a true shot of hydration.
Combine it with HYDRAGENIST Cream or Gel-cream to boost the Serum’s effectiveness.
As an added bonus, gift your darling the SOS Moisturizing Mask. Applying the mask once a week will hydrate her skin even further thanks to its Hydra O2 complex and Camellia Flower Oil.

For a mom or mom-to-be: PHYTOLASTIL

Stretch marks are likely to appear on the body of expectant or new mothers if they are not taken care of in time.
And, wouldn’t you know it, Lierac has had the solution to this problem for the last 45 years - PHYTOLASTIL.
To prevent stretch marks, PHYTOLASTIL Prevention Gel is a perfect choice. Applying it morning and night from the 3rd month of pregnancy keeps stretch marks under control.
For existing stretch marks, it’s never too late to correct them using PHYTOLASTIL Stretch Mark Correction Serum. Applied to affected areas for a minimum of 8 weeks, the serum will help stretch marks heal correctly so that they fade, or disappear altogether.
To optimize the quality of your skin and the effectiveness of PHYTOLASTIL, don't forget to exfoliate your body skin once a week, for example with BODY-HYDRA+ Micropeeling Scrub, and also to moisturize it daily with BODY-HYDRA+ Plumping Milk.

For the overworked mom: MESOLIFT

As we know, a mother's schedule is often (very) busy. And you can see it on her face! If so, she could probably use a helping hand giving her skin back the vitality and radiance it’s missing.
The MÉSOLIFT anti-fatigue program is the ideal solution, providing visible results after just 1 month of use. Her skin will look refreshed, smoother and more radiant.
How can it achieve this? Thanks to a cocktail of miracle ingredients—pure Vitamin C, which makes up 15% of the Serum—as well as beta-carotene, Vitamin E, B3, B5 and B6, which are found in the Remineralizing Cream.

For moms' breasts: BUST-LIFT EXPERT

Another area of the body not to be forgotten is the breasts. Pregnancy, lactation and breastfeeding can take away the dynamism and elasticity of the breasts of mothers of all ages.
For this reason, Lierac Paris Laboratories have developed Bust-Lift Expert, a Remodeling Cream capable of intensely firming the skin of the décolleté and breasts. In fact, it tightens the skin of the bust, smoothes and the décolleté, so that it regains its original shape!
You can apply it during pregnancy, but also during breastfeeding. Just make sure not to apply the care on the nipples.

For the mom, also maybe grandma: PREMIUM

As we get older, we start to see more and more signs of aging appear on our faces. That being said, having to live with these fine lines and wrinkles isn’t inevitable—something can be done to help reverse them!
The PREMIUM Collection is the Absolute Anti-aging solution. These skincare products are made from the best anti-aging ingredients, selected to give skin a more youthful appearance and allow the signs of aging to fade: Premium Cellular Complex, Hyaluronic Acid, Black Flowers, GDF-11 Technology, Hexapeptide FX… Nothing but the very best—trust us!
Don't know which product to use? You can’t go wrong with the Premium Cure.
This miracle treatment provides results in just 28 days, reversing accelerated cellular senescence to give skin a shot of youth. Skin feels comfortable, strengthened and revitalized.
Lierac Paris Laboratories have also created a Mother's Day gift set: for the price of the Cure, receive the Eye Cream and the Voluptuous Cream in travel size!

Now you’re ready to buy the ideal gift for every mom in the world—just pick the right product, and you’re set! Happy Mother’s Day!

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