Nude :

Nude solves an unsolvable equation:  
at times it can reveal a natural skin with makeup,
a casual yet sophisticated personality. Light, transparent and above all “genuine”,
nude is first and foremost an invisible ideal of perfection.  
We naturally associate natural skin with the courage of being ourselves.
But is being “ourselves” truly without any tricks?
Why do we fantasize this desire of transparency?
And how do we achieve it? For this first edition, we zoom in on the women who have nothing to hide.

Nude :

(nooud) Adjective. A French adjective became English to be then commonly used in the French language again… From the latin nudus, it is adopted in English during the 14th century and reappears in the French language as a fake Anglicism in the years 2000s.

Maintain your nude at home and in the office8 advices to women entrepreneurs

8 advices to women entrepreneurs1-Schedule your alarm five minutes earlier.

8 advices to women entrepreneurs2-Use those five minutes for a self-massage of the face. Mmmh.

8 advices to women entrepreneurs3-Replace the coffee by birch infusion for an immediate purgative effect.

8 advices to women entrepreneurs4-In the metro, remember the glossy touch. Xoxo!

8 advices to women entrepreneurs5-A business lunch? Choose from raw vegetables or fatty fishes options.

8 advices to women entrepreneurs6-At the bank, breath from the stomach, just like babies.

8 advices to women entrepreneurs7-Put a bottle of water next to the computer. In case you get hungry, opt for red berries full of antioxidants.

8 advices to women entrepreneurs8-A detox herbal tea and go to bed! And at least 7 hours, time to recover… Good night!


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