Lierac Paris Laboratories’ best Black Friday offers

Discover our best selection of skincare products to shop for during Lierac Paris Laboratories’ Golden Days - from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

With so many wonderful skincare surprises in store, we thought we’d share a few of our top suggestions, whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a Holiday gift!

For those with younger skin: HYDRAGENIST

Is your skin free of any signs of aging (lucky you!)?
Regardless, it still needs hydration and oxygenation to keep it looking fresher, more plumped and more radiant. In this case, HYDRAGENIST is the perfect choice for instant results.
Don’t know which skincare product to choose?
One must-have product is the HYDRAGENIST Serum, to be applied morning and night. Thanks to its Hydra O2 complex (15%), this AHA-enriched serum gives your skin a real shot of hydration.
Boost the Serum’s effectiveness by combining it with the HYDRAGENIST Cream or Gel-Cream.

Not-to-be-missed offer: the HYDRAGENIST Holiday Gift Set, which includes the Serum Hydration Booster and the Moisturizing Gel Cream.

For young moms and future moms: PHYTOLASTIL

If they are not taken care of in time, stretch marks are very likely to become an issue for future moms and young moms. Luckily, there has been a solution to this very problem for the last 45 years—PHYTOLASTIL!
To prevent stretch marks, trust PHYTOLASTIL Stretch Mark Prevention Gel: apply it morning and night, starting the 3rd month of pregnancy, to keep stretch marks under control.
If you already have stretch marks, it’s never too late to correct them using PHYTOLASTIL Stretch Mark Correction Concentrate: apply rigorously to affected areas for a minimum of 8 weeks to allow stretch marks to properly heal so they can fade or disappear altogether.

Not-to-be-missed offer
: the PHYTOLASTIL duo, exclusively available during the Holiday Event, is enough for an 8-week stretch mark treatment.

For tired skin: MESOLIFT

We all know how tired we can get this time of year—and, all too often, it also shows our faces! Truth be told, we could all use a little help giving our skin a boost of energy.
Let the MÉSOLIFT anti-fatigue ritual provide your skin with exactly what it needs. You’ll see the results in just 1 month: skin will look more rested, smoother, and more radiant.
The secret is a cocktail of miracle active ingredients! First, the 15% pure Vitamin C contained within the serum along with beta-carotene, vitamin E, B3, B5 and B6 in the Remineralising Cream.
Not-to-be-missed offer: the MESOLIFT duo, which includes the Extemporaneous Anti-Fatigue Concentrate and the Remineralising Anti-Fatigue Cream!

For skin with signs of aging: PREMIUM

As the years go by, signs of aging begin to set in on our faces. But, no one said it had to be a permanent thing—and, indeed, there are solutions!
The PREMIUM line is, by far, your best Absolute Anti-Aging solution. Each of the PREMIUM skincare products is made from the best anti-aging ingredients, selected to give skin a more youthful appearance and help reduce the signs of aging: Premium Cellular Complex, Hyaluronic Acid, Black Flowers, GDF-11 Technology, Hexapeptide FX… nothing but the very best!

Not sure which skincare product to offer as a gift? You can’t go wrong with the Premium Cure!
This miracle treatment provides results in just 28 days, reversing accelerated cellular senescence to give skin a youthful boost that is easy to see. Skin is left feeling comfortable, strengthened, and revitalized.
Not-to-be-missed offer: the Cure duo and Cream of your choice available in limited edition gold, or the Gold Sheet Mask Trio, ideal for a boost of radiance in just 15 minutes!

For skin with imperfections: SEBOLOGIE

If there’s any time of year we want skin that’s free of imperfections, it’s definitely the Holiday season! And, SEBOLOGIE skincare products are the perfect choice to achieve clear, healthy skin.
The experts at Lierac Paris Laboratories have understood that, in order to treat and effectively eliminate imperfections, skin needs round the clock attention. This is precisely why SEBOLOGIE Double Concentrate was invented. The product contains 2 skincare solutions, one for day and the other for night, both in the same bottle.
Take things one step further by adding Sebo-Regulating Gel to your routine along with the SEBOLOGIE Scrub Mask to unclog pores. And don’t forget the SEBOLOGIE Localized Concentrate! Apply it directly to your pimples using a cotton swab to reduce the appearance of imperfections.
Not-to-be-missed offer: the SEBOLOGIE Imperfections Correction set, which includes the Double Concentrate, the Sebo-Regulating Gel and the Scrub Mask: everything you need for skin that is free of imperfections!

For lasting treatment of redness: ROSILOGIE

No matter what type of redness you have, ROSILOGIE is able to treat and correct them all thanks to skin care that works 24/7. ROSILOGIE Double Concentrate defends your skin during the day and treats it at night. The result? Skin becomes stronger and therefore more resistant to the stimuli that lead to redness.
As a complement, you can apply ROSILOGIE Anti-Redness Regulating Cream, which acts as a shield to protect skin. Its green pigments help reduce the appearance of redness and even out skin tone!
Not-to-be-missed offer
: the ROSILOGIE Anti-Redness Routine set, which includes the Double Concentrate and the Regulating Cream.
Equipped with all this knowledge, you’re now set to shop for your skincare needs and take advantage of the year’s best offers.     
Understand your skin

Understand your skin

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