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For over 40 years, Lierac Paris Laboratories has been offering anti-aging products recognized the world over. Discover those that are just right for you!

It’s something we know all too well—our skin changes as we age. Wrinkles appear and skin loses elasticity and density, especially on the face. If we could turn back the hands of time, then we’d all be able to slow down—or reverse—these signs of aging! This is precisely what motivated us to create high-performance anti-aging skincare products over 40 years ago. Discover the specific line best suited to your needs.
If you haven’t already done so, we suggest you start out by reading the article entitled Choosing an anti-aging product based on your skin morphology.


Antioxidant, detoxifying power 

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Morphological signs to look for:

  • The complexion is less radiant
  • Skin is less toned
  • Wrinkles are beginning to settle in

In your 30s, you begin to notice increasing signs of aging. As you approach your 40s, your skin increasingly suffers the effects of toxin aging.

What is toxin aging? This occurs when the skin has difficulty freeing itself of toxins and detoxification slows down: skin becomes less firm and increasingly less radiant and refined.

The solution: SUPRA RADIANCE
How does this line of products work? Lierac Paris Laboratories has successfully recreated the Nrf2 protein, capable of fighting toxin aging.

Lierac Paris Laboratories reproduces the Nrf2 protein using White Horehound. With antioxidant and detoxifying properties, White Horehound Extract prevents pollutants from penetrating cells, protecting the skin from free radicals and promoting detoxification.

Supra Radiance also contains the famous Hyalu-3 concentrate, capable of boosting the concentration of hyaluronic acid in three layers of the skin, helping smooth, plump, and fill the skin. 

Anti-aging results—guaranteed!

Supra Radiance Double Peeling Radiance Mask—a cult favourite!

This extraordinary mask has three objectives: detoxify, stop oxidation, and promote cell renewal. Enriched with 6 AHAs, this mask exfoliates without having to be continually massaged on the skin. While you relax for 5 minutes, the product’s gentle acids eliminate dead skin cells and trigger cell renewal. When it’s time to rinse, volcanic micro-crystals tone the skin while activating microcirculation. Add it to your weekly beauty routine for smooth, radiant skin.


The lift-injection effect

lift integral range lierac paris

Morphological signs to look for: 

  • Loss of density and sagging (hollow cheeks, thin skin in the temple area) 
  • Sagging resulting in loss of facial contours
  • Loss of tightness and elasticity, resulting in a “tired-looking” appearance

As we age, skin loses density. This is what we refer to as morphological aging.

What is morphological aging?
A combination of several events. Fat distribution changes, specifically in the cheeks and temples, and fat cells accumulate in the lower face area, jawline, and neck. Skin becomes looser and less elastic. Sagging and loss of density set in, along with a permanent tired-looking appearance.

The solution: LIFT INTEGRAL, inspired by lifting and injection techniques.
Its promise: a combination of tightening and volume.

To achieve that lift-injection effect, Lierac Paris Laboratories chose Purple Tulip as the key ingredient for Lift Integral. This active ingredient is renowned for improving the effectiveness of several proteins essential for firm, dense skin.

Our Lift Integral cult favourite: the incredibly lifting Superactivated Lift Serum.

Its ability to penetrate deep into the skin is what makes this product particularly effective. The advantage of the Serum is that it provides immediate long-term results and is a great alternative to those who want to avoid having lifting or injection treatments. 


The absolute anti-aging range

Morphological signs to look for: 

  • Deep wrinkles
  • Loss of density and sagging
  • Dark spots
  • Irregular skin texture

There inevitably comes a time when our skin is faced with every possible sign of aging, at more or less different intensities.

The solution: PREMIUM.
Over several years of research in regenerative medicine, Lierac Paris Laboratories has discovered various ingredients that have revolutionized anti-aging care.

FOXO Protein was among the first of Lierac’s discoveries. Also known as “the youth protein,” it promotes the regeneration of stem cells (our youngest cells). Lierac Paris Laboratories replicated this protein and named it Hexapeptide-FX—an ingredient responsible for replenishing young cell reserves.

Lierac Paris Laboratories then studied the GDF-11 Protein, nicknamed the “Fountain of Youth protein,” which reverses the aging process in the skin’s oldest cells. This led to the development of Lierac’s GDF-11 Technology, creating using Baobab extracts, which have the ability to restore the characteristics of young cells in older cells.

Lierac Paris Laboratories combined these two ingredients with the brand’s signature Hyalu-3 Concentrate, which uses three forms of hyaluronic acid for maximum effectiveness.

Our Premium cult favourite is without a doubt, the ultimate product is the Premium The Cure—designed to fight accelerated cell aging caused by such events as intense life shocks. The Cure contains 10,000 microcapsules in each bottle, which preserves ingredients, ensuring they are combined just prior to being dispensed. The Cure holds seven distinct patents, five of which were obtained in collaboration with Harvard University.

The result: skin that appears up to 11 years younger in just 28 days!

We hope this guide on our three anti-aging product lines has helped you discover the one that is right for you. If you’re still unsure, you can always use our online diagnostic tool or let one of our experts help you!
Understand your skin

Understand your skin

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