Let’s go nude! How to obtain a pretty nude look

Realizing a pretty nude will depend on the manner in which you sleep, eat, live and manage stress. It is a discipline which comprises everything in life. Ready for change? Let’s go!

1. Sleep! 

A good night sleep remains the most exquisite cream for the skin. Sleep smooths lines, reduces bags, unknots tensions and reduces fine lines of stressed foreheads. And while you were dreaming, the Supra Radiance detox night cream works for you… In the morning, you awaken to a smoothed and radiant skin.

2. Adopt a skin care routine (and stick to it on the long run) 

Adopting a beauty routine has several advantages: your skin is perfectly cleansed, prepared and moisturized; you integrate these gestures in your schedule in a mechanical manner. To display a beautiful nude, you can awaken your skin with the Hydragenist morning mist and protect it from environment attacks with Lierac’s Supra Radiance range, which immediately penetrates the skin. Once to twice a week, the Supra Radiance mask gives a truly spectacular “renewed skin” effect. Finally, every evening, ritualize a thorough makeup removal before going to sleep.

3. Give particular care to the beauty gestures  

To plump the folds or fine lines, apply your day cream by recreating a smoothing massage with your hands. Starting from the center of the face, apply the cream with in-depth smoothing gestures from the middle of the face to the ears and repeat until complete penetration of the cream onto the skin. End with molding movements on the neck, adding - if needed - a small amount of day cream in the palm of your hands.

4. Mix your foundation with your day cream 

By adding a small quantity of foundation to your day cream, you will make pigments melt in your complexion thus avoiding over-layering and excess.

5. Capture light 

Choose slightly iridescent pigments which bathe the skin in color and apply them on your face’s light areas such as the cheeks and forehead with a large head makeup brush.

6. Flutter your eyelashes 

« Nude » ” does not forbid a light eye shadow… Once the complexion perfectly unified, work your eyes with kohl that you will lightly dim with a foam tip.
There you go, perfectly natural… but better!



Sonia Sieff
« Beauty emerges with happiness »


Dr Robin
« The skin is a mirror to the environment »


Let’s go nude


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