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How is Lierac Paris Laboratories inspired by aesthetic medicine?

Since 1975, Lierac Paris Laboratories has been offering skin care products inspired by the best aesthetic medicine techniques.


Lierac Paris Laboratories, a French skincare brand which, since its inception in 1975, has upheld one simple promise: to inspire itself from aesthetic medicine in order to create skincare that meets each and every need—signs of aging, skin fatigue, stretch marks, menopause, etc. For every skin issue, Lierac has a skincare solution. To learn more about the brand, we met with Janie Lelièvre, Education Manager and National Expert at Lierac Paris Laboratories.

Hello Janie! Can you tell us a bit about how Lierac Paris Laboratories was created?

Lierac Paris Laboratories was founded in 1975 by Léon Cariel, a dermatologist who specialized in aesthetic medicine. In fact, perhaps some of you may have noticed that Lierac is actually Cariel spelled backward (well, almost backward). 

In addition to creating Lierac Paris Laboratories, Dr. Cariel was a founding member of the Société Française de médecine esthétique or the French medical aesthetic society. Society’s objective is to ensure ongoing advancement in techniques and develop effective skincare aimed at maintaining results. 
As you have no doubt understood, this was the perspective in which Lierac skincare was created and rightfully given the name of “beauty medication.” Lierac skincare products can be used as a complement to in-office procedures—or even as a non-intrusive alternative. 

Over the years, Lierac Paris Laboratories has broadened its horizons. Today, certain skincare products are inspired by aesthetic medicine while others are inspired by medical specialties such as neuroscience, regenerative medicine, and chronobiology. 

What do you believe is the main difference between using skincare products and getting in-office aesthetic treatments or cosmetic surgery? 

Cosmetic surgery offers very promising results in a very short time. However, if you have a longer-term outlook, skincare products applied on a daily basis provide better results! 

Why? A good skincare product that is well formulated and chosen according to one’s specific skincare needs maintains and improves the skin’s healthy functioning. If you compare skincare to the food you eat, for example, daily use of good skincare products is the same as maintaining a diet that, while not always perfect, is healthy and balanced overall. 

In the same perspective, medical techniques are like having a nutrient-poor diet all year—and then relying on an intensive one-week fix of perfect organic foods, super nutrients, etc. a couple of times a year. As you can see, the daily application of good skincare products means that your skin is continually taken care of over the long term! 

Which of Lierac Paris Laboratories products do you feel combines the most innovation and medical expertise?

Without a doubt, it’s the PREMIUM collection, specifically PREMIUM The Cure. This absolute anti-aging product holds 7 patents, 5 of which were developed in partnership with Harvard University. For the two other patents, our team of researchers collaborated with Amélie Thépot, an expert in the field of regenerative medicine with a specialization in dermatology. Having only the best people on its team has been an inherent part of the brand’s DNA since its creation in 1975!

Thank you for giving us this wonderful overview of Lierac Paris Laboratories Janie!
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