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How long can I keep a product once I’ve opened it? 

On the back of most of our packaging you will see a picture of an open jar (period-after-opening symbol) this will indicate the recommended period of use, once the product has been opened. It generally varies from 6 months (6M) to 24 months (24M). 

Is it possible to receive free samples?

We do not send samples by mail. We reserve our trial sizes for points of sale that focus on advice and help customers try the products best suited to their individual needs. In these stores, you will also find some testers so that you can discover the textures and fragrances of certain products. By placing an order on our site, guests receive samples to test other products of our brand.

Are LIERAC products tested on animals?

We respect Canadian regulations on the subject and do not practice animal testing.

How do I get a list of product ingredients? 

 The full list of active ingredients can be found on each product page of 

Do Lierac products contain parabens? 

For several years now, we have decided no longer to use parabens in our formulas. Today, only a small number of our historical products may still contain this preservative, and they are being gradually reformulated to eliminate it. 

Do Lierac products contain MIT? 

We eliminated MIT from our no-rinse products several years ago. For products that are rinsed off which contain MIT, it is limited to a very low concentration (0.0015%) and our laboratories are currently working to reformulate them. 

Do Lierac products contain Phenoxyethanol? 

Phenoxyethanol may be present in some of our products. When this is the case, it is added in quantities lower than the concentration recommended in European regulations and always appears on the list of ingredients printed on the product. 

Do Lierac products contain alcohol? 

Most of our products do not contain alcohol. The few formulas that do contain it benefit from its textural qualities and also include ingredients for greater comfort. 

Do Lierac products contain silicones?

Because sensory pleasure is central to our vision of cosmetics, silicones may be added to our products to provide softness and an instant smoothing effect. When they are included, it is always in an appropriate quantity that does not block the pores and lets the skin breathe. In addition, we preferentially use non volatile silicones, which are more environmentally friendly. 

Do LIERAC products contain fragrance? 

 Because sensory pleasure is central to our vision of cosmetics, our products contain fragrance (with the exception of our eye contour products), which can be identified in the ingredient list under the heading “FRAGRANCE”. The scent concentrates we use are subtle, elegant, and feminine without being too pronounced; they help awaken the senses and offer a unique beauty experience. 

Do LIERAC products contain sulfates? 

 Only a minority of our products contain “sulfates”. When they are present, they are always used in an appropriate quantity to perform their cleansing function without irritating or drying out the skin. Moreover, they are systematically combined with ingredients for comfort. 

Do LIERAC products contain palm oil? 

 We never directly add palm oil to our products. However, it may occur in the composition of a minority of them via the addition of another material. When this is the case, it is included in the ingredient list under the name “ELAEIS GUINEENSIS OIL” or “PALM OIL”.  
Do LIERAC products contain plastic microbeads?
As required by regulations, none of our products contain plastic microbeads. 

Is LIERAC packaging recyclable? 

 Our products and their packaging are recyclable either via an energy recovery process or via reuse after selective sorting (unique to each metropolitan area).

Are LIERAC products vegan? 

Almost all of our formulas are free of animal and animal-derived products, and thus are suitable for vegans. 

Can LIERAC products be used while pregnant and/or breastfeeding?

To our knowledge, there is no contra-indication to the use of our products while pregnant and/or breastfeeding. Indeed, products like Phytolastil, leading skincare in pharmacy, are designed to support women through every stage of their life, including pregnancy. However, everyone is unique, and we encourage you to ask your doctor’s opinion. 

 Are LIERAC products suitable for sensitive skin? 

 For years now, we have been including people with sensitive skin into our product testing panels. Most of our products are therefore suitable for this skin type.