Caring for your skin during pregnancy

Discover how to effectively care for your skin during this very special time.

Pregnancy and skin conditions: hormones are to blame

While hormones may help your baby develop and grow over the 9 months of pregnancy, they definitely don’t make things easy for Mom! In fact, hormones are to blame for many of the changes your body goes through—and they also leave a variety of tell-tale signs on your skin!
Among the many hormonal variations that take place, there is a significant increase in the amount of estrogen produced by the body, which can trigger breakouts. Cortisol—otherwise known as the “stress hormone” is another hormone produced in large quantities during pregnancy. This hormone leads to the creation of stretch marks.

Pregnancy and stretch marks

Let’s talk about stretch marks in a little more detail. As we mentioned earlier, when cortisol production is especially high for an extended period of time, skin becomes much more vulnerable and less resistant—that’s when stretch marks can form. And, the more the skin stretches during this time, the more visible the resulting marks will be.
During pregnancy, stretch marks can appear on the stomach (of course!) as well as the thighs, hips, lower back, breasts and even the arms.
Luckily, if stretch marks are properly taken care of, you are not inevitably stuck with them.
To prevent them, simply apply PHYTOLASTIL Gel on areas prone to stretch marks, once or twice a day. During pregnancy, start your stretch mark prevention routine as soon as you notice your body changing—usually around the 3rd month.
Already have stretch marks? Don’t worry! You can use PHYTOLASTIL Solution to correct them. Apply the product twice a day to areas where stretch marks are visible. It usually takes about two to three months for stretch marks to change in appearance. Although they won’t completely disappear, they will fade and look significantly better.


Pregnancy and acne

As we explained, hormonal variations can sometimes cause pregnant women to break out. Others may not get any pimples but, on the flip side, will experience an increase in imperfections such as oiliness, dilated pores and blackheads.
Although this acne “only” lasts as long as the pregnancy, it’s quite normal to want to reduce these imperfections while they are apparent. The good news is that, with proper care, it’s entirely possible.
When it comes to acne, Zinc Gluconate, recognized for its sebum-regulating, anti-bacterial and healing properties, is a perfect choice.
Each SEBOLOGIE skincare product also includes specific active ingredients. The Double Concentrate and the Regulating Gel help reduce imperfections, both in the short and long term and the Localized Concentrate is able to treat each individual pimple while the Scrub Mask is ideal for tightening pores and minimizing blackheads.

Pregnancy and redness

Another common phenomenon during pregnancy is the appearance of redness on the face. As with other skin imperfections, there is also an explanation for this particular problem. In order to facilitate the exchanges between you and your baby via the placenta, which is made up of numerous blood vessels, skin microcirculation is very active during pregnancy. This can result in the appearance of redness, or angiomas, which are tiny blood vessels that can erupt on the face or body
Once again, it’s nothing that can’t be dealt with, as long as you use the right ingredients. For redness, there are 3 key ingredients that work best. First, Neuro-calming Peptide, which neutralizes neuron responses to increase their tolerance level, making them slower to react. Second is Ruscus, which makes blood vessels more resistant. And third is Dextran, which reduces inflammation.
All 3 of these key ingredients can be found in the ROSILOGIE line, whether in the Double Concentrate or the Regulating Cream. The Day Serum in the Double Concentrate and the Regulating Cream also contain green pigments, which are ideal for camouflaging redness!

Pregnancy and dry skin

One of the most common side effects of hormonal variations is loss of hydration.
Signs are immediately apparent on the body and face. Skin becomes very dry, even rough in some cases, feels tight and is less supple.
The best immediate solution for your health and your skin’s health is drinking a large amount of water every day. However, as we all know, the body is a very mysterious thing—and nutrients are not always ingested in a harmonious way. As such, despite drinking more water, your skin might still remain dry.
That’s precisely when skincare products become the perfect solution for hydrating from the outside. Their secret weapon? Hyaluronic Acid. Naturally present in the body, these molecules are like sponges that retain water. A single gram of hyaluronic acid can hold six litres of water! Obviously, it’s your skin’s best ally when it comes to hydration. Not because it has the power to hydrate but rather because it has the ability to keep hydration at an optimal level both in the dermis and epidermis.
The good news is that because of hyaluronic acid’s extraordinary properties, Lierac Paris Laboratories uses it in practically all of its skincare products, whether for the face, or body.
Better still, the skincare products in the BODY-HYDRA+ line contain twice the amount of hyaluronic acid!

Pregnancy and loss of firmness

As we mentioned, hormonal changes put already vulnerable skin under a great deal of added stress—not to mention the fact that the skin is also subjected to constant stretching.
Hidden under the fullness of a pregnant body, loss of firmness generally goes unnoticed. However, a few days after giving birth, the overall loss of firmness becomes more noticeable and, as you decrease breastfeeding, it also becomes more evident in the breast area.
Although prevention remains our best ally, the right skincare products can help correct loss of firmness.
At Lierac Paris Laboratories, Bust-Lift Expert is truly a classic. Its formula aims to strengthen the network of collagen fibres, specifically in the breast area, where skin is especially thin. It, therefore, helps prevent sagging and even helps the breast area regain its pre-pregnancy shape and roundness.
For the rest of the body, BODY HYDRA+ Plumping Milk is essential. In addition to restoring the hydration needed to keep skin healthy, silicon extract creates a toning effect.
Ladies, we wish you nothing but the best during your pregnancy and with your little bundle of joy. As always, we stand alongside you in this stage of life, helping you take care of your skin in the best way possible!  
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Understand your skin

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