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Best Expert advices: What you need to know about wrinkles

Janie Lelièvre, Lierac Paris Laboratories expert, answers your most frequently asked questions about wrinkles.

Surveys show that wrinkles are the number one concern when it comes to skin aging.
Of course, it’s easy to understand why—wrinkles are, after all, our skin’s most obvious indicator of the years gone by. They remind us that we are older than we were the year before, and even the day before.
Janie Lelièvre, Lierac Paris Laboratories expert, joins us to help demystify wrinkles, and explain how to outsmart them.

Before we begin—what exactly is a wrinkle?

A wrinkle is essentially caused by localized sagging due to a loss of density. Indentations are created in areas where the skin is thinner and less dense, and the skin’s network of fibres rearranges itself around this sagging area, forming a sort of scar.
There are 4 types of wrinkles:
  • Expression lines, or dynamic wrinkles: These wrinkles are the result of our facial expressions which cause muscles to contract in the same area several times a day. Frown lines are among the most common expression lines and, as their name implies, are caused by the frowning and furrowing of the eyebrows. Once these wrinkles have settled in, they are generally the deepest. Oftentimes, they can occur early on and be the only wrinkles we initially have.
  • Dehydration lines: this type of wrinkle, along with the next two we will address, are referred to as static wrinkles. Remember: wrinkles are caused by a loss of density. In this case, the loss of density is due to a lack of hydration. Dehydration lines can often be experienced at a young age. However, of the many types of wrinkles, these are the easiest to prevent and correct since there are excellent skincare products that can help rehydrate skin!
  • Wrinkles caused by sagging: these wrinkles are caused by thinning of the dermis due to the loss of elements that constitute it. In short, the skin contains less collagen, elastin fibres and hyaluronic acid… and more gravity! Wrinkles that are caused by sagging tend to make you look tired.
  • Wrinkles caused by photoaging: the appearance of these wrinkles varies from person to person. Exposure to the sun worsens the wrinkles that naturally occur on your skin, essentially making it an age accelerator!

Can wrinkles be prevented?

Yes - but to a certain extent, of course.
The good news is that adopting good habits can slow the appearance of wrinkles. And, since wrinkles are formed well before they appear on the surface of the skin, the most important thing is to address them as early as possible!
Taking care of your skin early on, especially by ensuring daily hydration and choosing skincare that prevents the signs of aging, is a good investment that will help you hold on to your youthful assets for longer.

When it comes to correcting wrinkles, how do I know if I should choose an anti-wrinkle product or an anti-aging product?

That’s a great question!
Most anti-aging skincare products contain one or more ingredients that specifically target wrinkles. Also, because certain wrinkles are the direct result of morphological aging or even dehydration, anti-aging skincare that targets these specific concerns are the best solution.
However, occasionally using an ultra-targeted anti-wrinkle product for enhanced action when needed is the perfect compromise.

What is Lierac Paris Laboratories’ ultimate anti-wrinkle product?

Definitely CICA-FILLER - our line of products exclusively designed for treating wrinkles.
CICA-FILLER contains a type of hyaluronic acid that provides a “filler” effect, essentially plumping wrinkles. Thanks to a Hyalu-3 Concentrate, which combines 3 types of hyaluronic acid, wrinkles instantly experience a plumping effect that lasts.
Our Laboratories observed that the body tends to repair wrinkles and fine lines using the same sequences it does when repairing a wound. One of these wound-repairing steps is the creation of a new network of fibres that is denser and more resistant.
Since 1975, Lierac Paris Laboratories has used a combination of three plants—the Alchemilla-Ivy-Horsetail Complex, which stimulates the synthesis of fibroblasts—the cells responsible for the production of these fibres. This Complex, at the heart of the CICA-FILLER formula, helps skin harmoniously regenerate, for a remarkable anti-wrinkle effect.

How to use the Cica-Filler anti-wrinkle skincare products

The Cica-Filler ritual is a two-step process:
  • The first step is the Anti-Wrinkle Serum, used as a 30-day cure. The serum is protected in a soft, new-generation vial that is hygienic, easy to use and delivers a precise dose. Each 10-ml vial is equal to 10 days of treatment. Simply break off the tip of the vial and press on the bottom to release a few drops of the product. Apply the serum directly to wrinkles and smooth over the rest of the face. After use, simply place the cover back on the tip of the vial.
  • The second step is the application of the CICA-FILLER Cream or Cream-Gel, depending on your type of skin. These products help supplement and reinforce the active ingredients of the Serum, to ensure maximum effectiveness. You can continue to use the Cream (or Cream-Gel) after the 30-day Serum treatment has been completed.

Thanks to this expert advice, you now know everything you need to know about wrinkles. Time to take action!
Understand your skin

Understand your skin

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