Understand your skin

A complete guide to choosing your best face mask

Face masks are an essential complement to your skin routine. Discover the best ones for your skincare needs!

To our skin’s utmost delight, Lierac Paris Laboratories offers a complete collection of face masks. Each of these masks has a very clear objective: target a highly specific skincare need and provide very rapid results.

Why masks are an essential part of any beauty routine?

Simply put, masks provide instant results. That’s why every line of Lierac skincare products has its very own.

These masks promise to provide the same results as a serum or cream. The difference is that the results are instant and more intense - but last a shorter time.

In other words, for long-term results, you should rely on the synergy of the complete ritual; but, for a more “here and now” result, masks are definitely your secret weapon.

How to use Lierac Paris Laboratories’ masks?

It should come as no surprise that Lierac Paris Laboratories’ masks are easy to use.

For maximum effectiveness, some of the masks need to stay on until they have been completely absorbed by the skin while others must be rinsed off after 20 minutes.

In terms of frequency, they should be used once a week for both immediate and long-term results. And, of course, you can always combine them or use different ones at different times, depending on your needs!

What makes each mask different

The ingredients in our masks are as wide-ranging as the skin issues they target. The good news is that you can combine products from different lines. For example, even if your daily ritual consists of anti-aging skincare products from the PREMIUM line, your skin is sure to enjoy the benefits of the HYDRAGENIST SOS Moisturizing Rescue Mask.

So, without further ado, here is a detailed look at our different masks and what they can do for your skin.


Issue: Signs of aging are becoming more apparent. Fine lines and wrinkles, loss of density and firmness, uneven complexion, dark spots, dilated pores and uneven skin texture are all becoming a problem. You want your skin to be replumped, comfortable, hydrated, luminous, smooth and free of wrinkles. In short, you want it all—and, you want it now!

The secret: The Premium Mask, much like the other products in the Premium line, aims for overall results by targeting key skin cells. The Premium Cellular Complex (4.5% concentrate) instantly combats all signs of aging. Plus, its soft-focus micro-pigments brighten your complexion—for instant results!

That little something extra: The Premium Supreme Mask contains a 10% concentration of Hyalu-3, the highest among all the products in the Premium line. This active ingredient, exclusive to Lierac Paris Laboratories, instantly hydrates and redensifies skin upon application.

Guaranteed effect: A replumping effect that is both instant… and intense! Leaves your complexion looking radiant and glowing, and your skin feeling luxuriously soft, smooth and comfortable.


Issue: Skin with a variety of imperfections that need to be addressed. Excess shine, dilated pores, pimples… and the need to quickly and easily cleanse pores to get rid of blackheads

The secret: For cleansing pores, the SEBOLOGIE mask uses classic ingredients such as green and white clay, which are reputed to effectively unclog pores while also gently mattifying the skin. The mask also contains botanical exfoliating microbeads for a deeper scrub that helps remove blackheads!

That little something extra: The Mask includes signature SEBOLOGIE ingredients such as Salicylic Acid and Zinc Gluconate, with sebum-regulating properties.

Guaranteed effect: Your complexion will instantly be clearer, your skin texture refined and your skin rid of impurities and excess sebum!


Issue: Skin that is dull and lacking radiance, and the appearance of the first signs of aging. Toxins that need to be eliminated.

The secret: Our lifestyle habits are not always the best for our skin. Pollution, stress and lack of sleep catch up with us and can wreak havoc on our skin. The Supra Radiance Mask has a detoxifying effect on skin, working both on the surface and deep down, which helps slow toxin aging.

That little something extra: White Horehound Extract, which activates the skin’s natural defenses to create a healthy glow, combined with Hyalu-3 Concentrate, which hydrates all three layers of the skin.

Guaranteed effect: A combination of the best detoxifying and antioxidant ingredients provides instant and lasting results that leave your skin smoother and more radiant, and your complexion looking brighter—in just 5 minutes!


Issue: Facial contours that need toning and firmness. You want to look well rested and need an intense lifting effect that will last through the day.

The secret: To help tone facial contours and reduce the lack of firmness, this mask combines unrivaled anti-aging ingredients including Hyalu-3 Concentrate, Mahogany extract and Purple Tulip extract. It also contains a biotechnological polymer that creates an instant firming effect as well as pearlescent particles that brighten the skin.

That little something extra: The key ingredient that makes all the difference in this mask is mahogany extract, which gives the skin a lifting boost!

Guaranteed effect: Instant smoothing effect that lasts throughout the day and keeps skin hydrated. Skin is beautifully radiant—the perfect base for make-up application!


Issue: You want maximum luminosity—without the need for highlighter! You also want an instantly radiant and even complexion, without dark spots.

The secret: The Lumilogie mask is based on the combined esthetic techniques of LED and peeling to brighten and even out the complexion. It also contains ingredients that work on the surface on the skin and deep down to target emerging, visible and stubborn dark spots.

That little something extra: An ingredient called Hexyl-R, whose mission is to control the overproduction of pigments.

Guaranteed effect: Skin immediately looks brighter. Over time, the complexion becomes clearer and more even.

Now that you know more, do you know which Lierac mask you’ll choose? 
Understand your skin

Understand your skin

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