7 golden rules for choosing a moisturizer

On the hunt for a moisturizer? These 7 questions to ask yourself will help you make the right choice.

Along with cleansing, moisturizing is THE most important part of your beauty routine when it comes to skin care. As is often the case, consistent application is key and choosing the right product is also essential. Here are the answers to 7 questions you need to ask yourself in order to make the right choice.

1. Does my moisturizer really moisturize?

This is indeed an important question considering that moisturizing products are not all equally as effective. In fact, certain skincare products specifically made for moisturizing will often only moisturize the epidermis—the surface of the skin. The problem is that the epidermis is made up of dead skin cells and, in order to be beneficial, a moisturizer actually needs to be able to penetrate deep down into the skin!
A skincare product should also contain ingredients that help distribute moisture throughout the skin. Essential nutrients such as vitamins and a few select minerals such as magnesium fulfill this role perfectly.

2. Should my skincare product contain hyaluronic acid?

Yes! In addition to penetrating deep down into the skin and ensuring excellent moisture distribution, hyaluronic acid also helps lock moisture in.
Good to know: skin actually does a good job of producing its own hyaluronic acid. However, considering that a molecule of hyaluronic acid has a lifespan of only 24 hours, skin is constantly under pressure to replenish its reserves. That’s why adding a hyaluronic cream that is compatible with your skin is of the utmost importance!

3. What should I expect my moisturizer to do?

Your moisturizer should be able to provide your skin with the hydration and nutrition it needs, which means you might need different products for day and night. This is mostly because:
  • Skin has a greater ability to renew itself at night, which makes this the perfect time to provide it with the active ingredients it needs to prevent and correct signs of aging. Take advantage of your nighttime ritual to provide your skin with much-needed hydration and nutrients that optimize the effectiveness of your moisturizer’s ingredients. The added moisture is also essential because skin becomes more dehydrated when we sleep than it does at any other time.
  • To make up for the dehydration that occurs overnight, we suggest hydrating as soon as possible after you wake up. Hydrating your skin throughout the day is also essential to keeping it protected.
In short, at night, we hydrate to boost the effectiveness of our skincare products and, during the day, we hydrate to protect our skin.

4. Which texture is the best for me?

Choosing the right texture can make a world of difference simply because, if you like the texture of the product, you are more likely to use it consistently. The options are generally gels or creams:
  • Gel textures provide skin with maximum moisture. We love them for their hydrating properties and the fresh sensation upon application. They are the perfect choice for oily, normal or combination skin.
  • Cream textures are perfect for skin that tends to be on the drier side. In addition to being just as effective as gels when it comes to providing moisture, creams have the benefit of added nutrients!

5. Why do I need to have a moisturizing ingredient in all my products and for each step of my skincare ritual?

The answer is simple: good hydration helps ensure the proper functioning of a skincare product’s active ingredients. This is precisely why all of the skincare products made by Lierac Paris Laboratories, even cleansers, contain moisturizing hyaluronic acid.

6. Am I applying my moisturizer correctly?

Most likely, especially since it’s pretty straightforward! Your moisturizer should be applied on cleansed skin or over a serum. A small amount is usually enough. Apply lightly over the entire face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Gently exfoliating once a week using a formula made specifically for facial exfoliation will boost your moisturizer’s performance.

7. Do I have to change skincare products every season?

Some people need to change up their skincare routine according to the season, making sure to use gel textures when it’s warmer and cream textures in the winter. This is especially true for those who do a lot of outdoor activities!
People who have a specific skin type, such as very oily or very dry, should stick with the same texture throughout the year.

Now that you know all of the golden rules for choosing the right moisturize, all that’s left to do is… moisturize!

Understand your skin

Understand your skin

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